Free Tight Thigh Adductors | somatic education exercise | Lawrence Gold Somatics

Clinical Somatic Education | a New Discipline in the Field of Health Care

For relieving spasms in the inner thighs and increasing freedom to spread the legs.

People stuck in Startle Reflex | see | have tight inner-thigh muscles. Attempts to stretch are fruitless; however, this somatic education exercise awakens control of those muscles to be able to relax them.

Startle Reflex is an involuntary muscular action pattern awaken in fear or anxiety. Persistence in these emotional states cause habit-formation into Startle Reflex that creates the sensations of fear/anxiety even after the situation has passed. So, it’s helpful, particularly when dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), to dissolve the grip of this reflex pattern so one can move on.

More somatic education exercises exist at the following address:

For a general program including exercises that free you from Startle Reflex, visit:

Free Tight Inner-Thigh Muscles


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