End S-I Joint Pain and Comfort Your Pelvis | Sidelying Sacral Self-Correction | 2014-3-6

This move decompresses and elongates the side worked, allowing for more mobility between sacrum and ilia of the pelvis.

COMMON EFFECT: straightening the relationship between sacrum and ilia, to reduce strain at the S-I joints and among the pelvic ligaments, reducing compensatory muscular spasticity as far away as the jaws.

You should do this move only after assessing which side of your sacrum is forward (which way your pelvis is distorted).

For the complete regimen, send blank email to s-i.joint.pain@somatics.com
For the complete entry on the condition, visit http://ift.tt/1as3Mnu

This is a preliminary public release of two-of-three basic exercises from Comfort Your S-I Joints.

You precede these movements with Gentle Spine Waves, available on this YouTube channel.

A sacrum that is twisted in relation to its neighboring hip bones (ilia) creates internal stresses within the pelvis that spread throughout the body as far as the jaws. Mysterious, “untreatable” pains result — pains that abate as the sacrum approaches its normal position, often without having to be addresses, specifically.

Clinical Somatic Education | a New Discipline in the Field of Health Care


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