The Tongue Mudra and TetraSeed in Serpentine Movements Lawrence Gold

P S Y C H O – A C T I V E

The TetraSeed comprises the four minimum faculties necessary for existence to be experienced: attention, imagination/emergence, intention, memory.

The Tongue Mudra triggers spontaneous, self-originating self-corrections. It helps to complete the process of releasing patterns of self-contraction and awakening from the domain where self-contraction is an issue to what has always, already been true of us in this present moment, in a kind of awakening-from-a-dream.

TetraSeed self-Modulation, as instructed in the video (not to be explained, here) involves immediate, direct access to how we hold the controlling patterns of our existence, including imbalances, resistances, and unexpected turns of viewpoint. The sensations of doing so are obvious by the changes that spontaneously occur.

The combination of the two actions, “HELPS”.

A series of sitting up movements known as, “The Dancing Serpent” series, with which you can integrate The Tongue Mudra to good effect, exists here:

The Tongue Mudra and Tetraseed in Serpentine Movements

Full-Spectrum Somatics



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