Gentle Spine Waves to Relax Your Back | Comfort Your S-I Joints 2015-7-1 Lawrence Gold

Gentle Spine Waves is a preparatory exercise in Comfort Your S-I Joints, a program to eliminate sacro-iliac pain. This video tutorial replaces previous versions.

It’s purpose is to relax your back to decompress discs; it’s the prelude to Sidelying Sacral Self-decompression.

When correcting sacral position, necessary for sacro-iliac joint dysfunction, we first “loosen up the situation” so things can move as you do the later exercises in the program.

Sacro-iliac joint dysfunction commonly involves patterns of muscular contraction throughout the body that show up as various mysterious pains that don’t respond to most therapeutic approaches. To dissolve those pains, it is necessary to get the sacrum back to its centered position in the pelvis. Local manipulations of the sacrum and belts generally provide temporary or partial relief, as you may have found.

The exercises in Comfort Your S-I Joints induce self-correction of sacral position by balancing the internal weight-bearing forces of the body through exercises that change movement coordination.

More on the condition, here:

Note the “regimen” email link in that entry, at bottom, to send for the freely available regimen.

Gentle Spine Waves to Relax Your Back | Comfort Your S-I Joints 2015-7-1

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