Intelligent Self Empowerment 101 — The Set-Up: Enlivening the TetraSeed Lawrence Gold

This procedure, part of the course, Intelligent Self-Empowerment 101, enlivens your ability to contact the four basic functions that enable you to be conscious of anything: attention, intention, memory, and imagination.

Those four functions constitute The TetraSeed, the basic structure of personal existence without all four of which, any sense of existence — either of oneself or of the world, is impossible. The TetraSeed is fundamental — and the TetraSeed Transformations uniquely support all other self-improvemeht practices (nothing else adequately substitutes) .

We use The Set-Up as preparatory learning to make The Gold Key Release more powerful, and so you need fewer repetitions to dissolve any given limitation.

More on Intelligent Self-Empowerment 101: Getting Free of Stuckness and Conditioning:

The TetraSeed Transformation Procedures: The Set-Up
Intelligent Self-Empowerment

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