What if you could change the world with Lawrence Gold Lawrence Gold

The people who have gone through this course have the distinction of having the experience of dissolving the grip of memory on their sense of reality — in particular ways. They have learned to use The Gold Key Release.

Further development along these lines is available — in two forms:

The Gold Key Release | Intelligent Self-Empowerment 102
Opening the Broad Path

The Wish-Fulfilling Gem | Intelligent Self-Empowerment 1A

If you know anything about university course offerings, you recognize that 1A is more advanced than 102.

The reason it is more advanced is that it requires easy proficiency with The Gold Key Release. It’s a good reason to GET proficient at The Gold Key Release.

However, some may not be so proficient. They would do much better to do The Gold Key Release 102 course and then The Wish-FulFIlling Gem 1A course.

On the other hand, those who are so proficient who do The Wish-Fulfilling Gem 1A course would to well to do The Gold Key Release 102 course for its expanding influence. Don’t be fooled by the “102”; that just signifies that it’s a natural progression from The Gold Key Release 101 course.

Intelligent Self-Empowerment The TetraSeed Transformation Procedures



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