for S I Joints | Centering the Sacrum 2015 10 13 Lawrence Gold


S-I joint pain often comes, in part, from uneven stress on the pelvis from the legs and trunk. This exercise progressively corrects the problem, provided you’ve done the necessary preparatory work of freeing the muscles immediately above and below the pelvis, as described, below.

Sacral pain has multiple simultaneous causes. You do this exercise after low back muscles, hamstrings, and psoas/hip flexor muscles have regained suppleness and responsiveness.

It’s necessary to do this exercise to resolve sacro-iliac joint pain because an uncentered sacrum fits poorly with the rest of the pelvis and causes strain and pain at the S-I joints. Centering the sacrum removes the strain and seats the sacrum comfortably in position.

The QL lifts one side of the pelvis with each step of walking, in combination with the gluteus minimus and tensor fascia lata muscles (connected to the ilio-tibial/IT band) of the opposite side.

When the QL, low back muscles, psoas muscles, and hamstrings are all tight, S-I Joint Pain Syndrome results. more on S-I/sacroiliac joint pain: |

Injuries lead to the condition by triggering muscle tension. The term is, “Trauma Reflex”; in Trauma Reflex, we involuntarily/automatically tighten up and pull the injured place in to protect our integrity. A broken leg, knee injury, or sprained ankle can trigger it and it may persist indefinitely, unless corrected, due to altered muscle/movement memory (sensory-motor amnesia).

Somatic education exercises reverse the condition by correcting muscle/movement memory — best done after any injury has healed, so the pain of the original injury doesn’t re-trigger Trauma Reflex.

The QL (quadratus lumborum) muscles are closely related to the iliopsoas (liacus) muscles, as both muscles attach at the top border of the pelvis, in back (iliac crest).

for S-I Joints | Centering the Sacrum 2015 10 13

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