The Set Up I PsychoActive TetraSeed Transformation Procedure | Basic Instruction Lawrence Gold

Lawrence Gold Somatics | 505 819-0858 | Santa Fe, NM

Use The Set-Up TetraSeed Transforrmation procedure to
: focus attention
: surface memory
: clarify intention
: open to imagination

People who do the procedures, The Gold Key Release, The Middle-Way Memory Matrix Ritual, or other TetraSeed Transformation procedures, us The Set-Up as preparation to make the going easier, faster, and more effective.

Learn more about the PsychoActive TetraSeed Transformation procedures here: http://lawrencegoldsomatics.blogspot….

Effects are cumulative and produce “The MIAMI Effect”. (YouTube search term)

The Set-Up | PsychoActive TetraSeed Transformation Procedure

Intelligent-Self Empowerment…
#somatic education
#intelligent-self empowerment
#personal development
#psychoactive procedures


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