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Understanding the S-I Joints, Stopping the Pain and Weird Symptoms
Regimen: what you can do for yourself | http://lawrencegoldsomatics.blogspot.com/2014/06/regimen-for-sacro-iliac-iliosacral.html

This somatic education exercise finishes each practice session by balancing right and left sides and lengthening your spine.

As many of the exercises in the Regimen for Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction (SIJD) address your right and left sides, separately, you need something to put your two sides together in relation to each other. This exercise is that “something”. You gain balance and integrate the changes produced by the other exercises.

SIJD results from (and actually is) a twisted sacrum. Many otherwise mysterious symptoms arise from a twisted sacrum. You can learn more about how SIJD occurs and what kinds of symptoms may result by following the link at top. The Regimen causes your sacrum to center (generally, over time practicing the exercises). Symptoms improve, sometimes quickly, sometimes gradually — depending on your condition.

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#S I Joint Pain Exercises | Gentle Spine Waves part 2



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