The Three Biggest Mistakes Made by People Trying to Get Out of Pain Lawrence Gold

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Standard therapies for chronic pain are BUILT UPON three therapeutic errors. It’s not that therapeutic approaches are being applied badly; it’s that the approaches commonly taken in therapy are themselves wrong in principle.

How do we know? Just look at the results of therapy — how ineffective it is and how long it takes.

This is a “bad news/good news” situation. The bad news is that standard (and most alternative) therapies don’t work very well; the good news is the alternative.

This video presents that alternative and leads to actionable options that get the results that therapy hopes for and promises, but (as you may have experienced) takes so long to deliver, if ever.

This video applies to back trouble, whiplash injuries, frozen shoulder, knee pain, groin pain and … you get the idea. See a more comprehensive list of conditions at

Clinical Somatic Education | a New Discipline in the Field of Health Care
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