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Comfort Your S-I Joints | Sidelying Sacral Self-Decompression, from Unit 1 Lawrence Gold

September 15, 2015

This demonstration applies to someone with a left-side jammed S-I joint, and so you see the model lying on his right. If the right side were jammed, he’d be lying on the left side.

This action pattern prepares you for the exercises found in Unit 2 of Comfort Your S-I Joints by making it possible for the pelvic bones to adjust relative to each other.

With sacro-iliac joint problems, the first step to correction is to “unlock” the relationship of bones (sacrum and ilium/hip) held jammed my muscular contractions.

The second step is to induce changes of the spatial relationship (joint fit) of those bones through movements that use gravity and the weight of the leg and head to transmit force and sensation to the pelvis, where all forces meet.

This preparatory somatic education exercise accomplishes both aims and prepares you for the more effective somatic education exercises to improve joint fit that come later in the program/regimen.

If you have determined that your right side is jammed (see the self-assessment videos accessible by email: Send blank email to; expect an automated quick-response message with clickable links), you do everything instructed with right and left sides switched. What you will receive is an email message with access to the full regimen.

Comfort Your S-I Joints | Sidelying Sacral Self-Decompression, from Unit 1

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