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Comfort Your S I Joints | Unit 1 INTRODUCTION Lawrence Gold

April 6, 2016

Comfort Your S I Joints | Unit 1 INTRODUCTION
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UNIT 1 – unlocking the situation
EXPECTED RESULT: You feel longer on your working side.

With S-I joint dysfunction, one side is usually jammed, with different symptoms on both sides. Don’t take symptoms as your indicator of which side is jammed. Do the self-examination each time to identify your deeper side, which is likely to change as you go through the regimen.

The instructions for Section A specify your working position for the deeper side.

Gentle Spine Wwaves relaxes the back musculature and integrates the back muscles with the front hip muscles to take stress off. Your back feels flatter on the surface and more relaxed.

Sidelying Self-Decompression loosens the jammed side so it can move to new position. The key to the Sidelying Sacral Self-Decompression is to keep your balance. If you find yourself supporting yourself from rolling forward or backward, you’re not balanced; balance is free-floating. You can’t relax if you’re off-balance because you feel awkward, so find and cultivate balance in the movement.

The major changes of position occur in Unit 2. Unit 1 is preparation.

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