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The Inner Side of Somatic Education Exercises Lawrence Gold

October 1, 2015

Message to all purchasers, or prospective purchasers, of somatic education exercise programs:

(Hanna Somatics Gold) :

* Functional Exercises that bring fast improvements

* Somatic Education Exercises: a new approach to eliminating pain and movement rehab

* a missing link in movement fitness and athletic performance

* Somatic Education Exercises enhance all other therapeutic approaches to ending pain and improving movement.

Somatic Education Exercises:
— balance strength (control) and freedom of movement
— develop healthy levels of muscular tension/tone
— restore the ability to relax as well as to exert precise strength in just the right amount to meet the need.
— integrate and reinforce the changes brought about in clinical sessions of Hanna Somatic Education
— suffice as a stand-alone clinical modality

The Inner Side of Somatic Education Exercises

old version:

Clinical Somatic Education | a New Discipline in the Field of Health Care