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The Standing Side-Sway for Sacro-Iliac Joint Pain | 2015 7 13 Lawrence Gold

July 13, 2015


With every practice session of Comfort Your S-I Joints, you create changes in your coordination and control of movement, and so, in your balance. However, you need an integration step for those changes to get absorbed.

This exercise, The Standing Side-Sway, produces movements and sensations that cause such integration. If you put your attention around your hips and in your spine, you’ll feel changes occur, there, as you do this movement pattern.

Since you do most exercises of Comfort Your S-I Joints lying down, it’s necessary, after practice, to stand up and let gravity have its way with you to integrate the changes produced.

Give yourself time to feel the changes moment-by-moment as you do these movements and during the pauses placed into the instruction.

The Standing Side sway for Sacro Iliac Joint Pain

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