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Unique Self TetraSeed Set up 2016 8 5 Lawrence Gold

August 7, 2016

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Awaken in an unexpected way and direction, simultaneously, to both the Ground of Being and to your unique, in-the-moment existence as personal self.

“Unique-Self” is a term coined by Mark Gafni and presented in his book, “Your Unique Self”, with forward by Ken Wilber.

While Unique-Self realization is a non-mental, intuitive event, the obstructions to its obvious realization are all memory-based, misdirected habits of attention, mostly subconscious.

The procedure offered here, in this instructional recording, makes conscious any sub-conscious, memory-based obstructions, clears the way for Unique-Self realization and directs attention past the mind into direct, intuitive apperception.

Play and play.

“Unique-Self” TetraSeed Set up Process

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