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How to Free the Psoas Muscles without Stretching, part 2 Lawrence Gold

August 9, 2017

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This is exercise #2 of a two-exercise set — not part of the program, Free Your Psoas. It works best, as a refresher, with preparation from doing that program.

Integrate the connection between the psoas muscles and the whole length of the body, from head to feet. It’s an addition to the basic program, Free Your Psoas —

For a preview of Free Your Psoas, you may visit

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Efforts to release psoas muscles without integrating control of those muscles with the rest of your movement and balancing actions leads to partial and temporary results.

The reason: Your whole way of moving has been used to the psoas muscles being tight. You’ve got involuntary movement habits. Those movement habits call the newly released psoas muscles back into the movement pattern the fits the rest of your movements.

So, it’s “helpful” to integrate your psoas movements with the rest of your movements. There’s a program for that, called Free Your Psoas: An Integrated Program for Freeing and Coordinating the Central Movers and Stabilizers of the Body. Preview it, here:…. You can get a free tryout of the program.

There’s also an advanced, superior agility version for athletes at…. However, if you have clinical symptoms, you should do the basic program, first.

How to Release Your Psoas Muscles without Stretching, Exercise 2

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U1.2.1 Gentle Spine Waves, Part 2 Lawrence Gold

November 14, 2016

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Full Regimen: visit | Read, scroll to bottom, and request full regimen.

This is the second of two Gentle Spine Waves exercises that free and elongate the spine.

You use it at the end of every practice session of exercises from Comfort Your S-I Joints, a regimen to eliminate sacro-iliac joint pain and attendant symptoms. The exercise helps integrate the changes produced by other exercises of the regimen.

See the regimen for correct use; note the link at top of this description.

You may also use this exercise to relieve lower back pain, when preceded by Gentle Spine Waves, part 1. See the regimen for that exercise, as well.

Comfort Your S-I Joints | Gentle Spine Waves, part 2 | 505 819-0858 2016 7 29 INSTRUCTION

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