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The Right, The Left, and the Competent (Able) Lawrence Gold

July 22, 2015

Well, it turns out that the terms, The Right and The Left, politically-speaking, have actual descriptive value; they have useful meaning. This piece is about that meaning, so you may better understand the predicament of our civilization.

The useful meaning comes, surprisingly, from the sides of the body and the way we, as humans operate. Roughly ninety percent of humans are right-handed, so ten percent exist as reversed exceptions to this explanation. Still the metaphor and the explanation are apt.

Here’s how it goes:

In the main population, right-handedness is a matter of
the known
the reliable
the able
the predictable
the strong
the competent
That’s good enough as a start.

As the sub-dominant side, left-handedness is a matter of
the less known
the not-so-reliable
the not-so-able
the not-so predictable
the weaker
the not-so-competent

Politically speaking, the Right Wing (generally called, conservatives) goes for what they consider to be the known, the reliable, the tried and true, the predictable, established sources of power, and established authority. That’s what they conserve — and in times of healthy stability, it works.

Politically speaking, the Left Wing (generally called, liberals or progressives) consist of the innovators, and so, the unknown (or not-so-well-known), the untested, the unpredictable, those on the outskirts of power, and those with new answers not validated by the established authorities.


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