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Comfort Your S I Joints, Jaws, Unit 2 Section F 2016 7 26 fin Lawrence Gold

July 26, 2016

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On Sacro-Iliac Joint Dysfunction | SIJD

This preparatory video introduces the section of the program, Comfort Your S-I Joints, dedicated to the jaws.

Why concern ourselves with the jaws when the problem is in the pelvis? It’s because the spine runs between the two places and the spine functions as a unit, with effects at one end triggering effects at the other.

The effects of a twisted sacrum may go as far as the head, with altered muscular tensions of the trunk, neck, head, jaws, and even eyes resulting.

This tutorial shows a somatic education exercise that exists toward the end of the regimen, “Comfort Your S-I Joints”. The introduction video explains the internal effects of tight jaws on S-I joint dysfunction and of this exercise.

For more on the effects of chronic jaw tension and a way to correct it, see the following two entries:

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