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How to Release Your Psoas Muscles without Stretching, part 1 Lawrence Gold

April 12, 2016

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See where your psoas muscles are. Understand the obviousness of what they do. Learn what to do to release them.

Efforts to release psoas muscles without integrating control of those muscles with the rest of your movement and balancing actions leads to partial and temporary results.

The reason: Your whole way of moving has been used to the psoas muscles being tight. You’ve got involuntary movement habits. Those movement habits call the newly released psoas muscles back into the movement pattern the fits the rest of your movements.

So, it’s “helpful” to integrate your psoas movements with the rest of your movements. There’s a program for that, called Free Your Psoas: An Integrated Program for Freeing and Coordinating the Central Movers and Stabilizers of the Body. Preview it, here: You can get a free tryout of the program.

The main puchase page for Free Your Psoas is

There’s also an advanced, superior agility version for athletes at However, if you have clinical symptoms, you should do the basic program, first.

How to Release Your Psoas Muscles without Stretching, Exercise1

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